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Welcome to Celebritalk

Where now you can meet all sorts of famous people face to face via webcam!
Why do we use webcam? First of all, it is inexpensive and almost every new computer either has webcams/microphones built-in or it can be added for just a few dollars, which allows for communication without the need for a lot of expensive equipment. Secondly, we want you to have proof that who you are talking to is the real celebrity. Also please note that we require our celebrities to register through their agents or managers, who are recognized and known professionals in their respective fields. This eliminates the opportunity for fraudulent celebrity impersonators to register as the real celebrity.

For a small per-minute fee, you can now have a private, one-on-one discussion with one of our member celebrities, get to know them, ask questions about how they got started, ask for tips, or just let them know how much you admire their work!

Makes a wonderful gift for your special someone for his or her birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines Day, Christmas or anytime. For a small cost that could be less than a nice dinner and a movie, you can give your loved one a gift they will remember the rest of their lives; the opportunity to speak with and meet online with their idols.

To get started and join for free, just click on the Registration tab, fill out the information, confirm your information and then start browsing and deciding whom you’ll talk to first.

Also perfect for:

Getting tips on how to get your son or daughter into show business; OR YOURSELF!

  • Getting tips on how to approach an agent in many industries
  • Getting tips on how to audition
  • Advice on how to deal with the pressures of their industry
  • Pitching ideas and materials (make sure you are legally protected, of course)
  • Getting actual consent regarding formation of fan clubs
  • Letting someone know you appreciate their work
  • Great for giving the perfect gift to someone who otherwise has everything they want.

Celebrities or agents of celebrities, please email us at and we’ll get your client registered and set up as soon as possible.